Hellsing the dawn: Review

I have recently discovered three episodes of Hellsing the dawn, and as an avid Hellsing fan I could not be more delighted, despite the un-dubbedness I do not mind reading subtitles, and I love seeing Walter as a young ‘kid’ but I think he is way to young to be on the front lines AND smoking 😛
Regarding the length I can imagine that it would annoy some people, as the Hellsing ultimate was roughly forty five minutes long. But It doesn’t bother me as I understand how difficult producing a series can be…. as long as they continue to make more :PEpisode one was good (7/10) I loved seeing Walter in the ‘shitty yankie bomber’ and I couldn’t help thinking ‘whats in the box, whats in the box’ I loved Sir Hellsing (Intergra’s Father?) explanation of how Ghouls are made. I was happy to see our favorite werewolf mute captain as well.
Favorite quote had to be ‘parachute, parachute’ by a poor American soldier.
Episode 2
Bring on the Fatty!! I gave this episode 8/ 10 I love Walters enterance and the major did not seem to care (but he was already bordering on psychotic) but seriously who cares THAT about dinner as much as the major when a kid in a suit bursts into the hideout of the natzi’s with wires coming out of his gloves with a giant box. The Major didn’t seem to care one bit, but was quick to point out that Walter had no patience. And he did ask Walter to join him, and as everyone who watched the series knows was on of the majors main goals in Hellsing ultimate, but Walter denied him, so he was not a turncoat then. (Good boy Walter 🙂 I had always loved you)
Episode 3
FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!, that is all they seem to do in that episode unless you count the dirty study and Arthur Hellsing had some ‘cough cough’ Lady friends over. I love Islands I have to say ‘you should be more concerned over Walter and less about yourself’
Meanwhile in Warshaw Walter is doing well against the warewolf, until he seemed to take the upper hand, the blood the two spill awaken Alucard who is in the form of a girl. Because the type of form does not matter to him.
Does anyone know if / when Hellsing the dawn 4 will be out, as I have just seen Alucard as a ‘girl’ and cant wait to see where it goes.
That is all from me
Lill Chicken out


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