Game of thrones season 4: Who is this guy? Prince Oberyn Martell: Explained!

Now with the 15 minute awesome teaser of the series four of game of thrones, which contained lots of awesome music, fights, Dragons, and a particular wedding and did I mention dragons? A lot of people have been asking who this guy who keeps popping up is. And why is he after the Lannisters?


Okay, to answer this Question we have to go back a fair bit.

First of he Is Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne, (also known as the red viper) you may remember all the way back in season two Cersi and Tyrion arguing about sending Cersi’s little girl Myrcella to the Martells because they ‘loath’ us. Basically because of Stannis they had to find a safe home for her, and so they organised for her to be send to Dorne to live with the Martells and one day marry the current ruler of Dorne (Oberyn’s older brother) son Tysone. This was obliviously not a good idea from Cersi’s POV because they hate them so much.

But why? You may be asking WHY does the Martells hate the Lannisters?

Back when the Targerians ruled the seven Kingdoms the Mad king had two sons, Rhaegar and Viserys. (The guy who got gold melted on his head in series one. )

Because Daenerys was not yet born and Targaryen’s normally marry brother to sister, this meant someone else was to marry Prince Rhaegar, and the lucky lady was Elia Martell of Dorne.

Elias Martell was the younger sister of Oberon (this guy) and Doran (the current ruling prince of Dorne.For anyone getting confused Dorne has no Kings and Queens just Prince and Princess.)

Elia had two children with Prince Rhaegar a girl Rhaenys and a boy Aegon.

If anyone is wondering why the name Rhaegar is ringing bells in your head, he is the guy who kidnapped (or ran away with) Eddard (Ned) Starks sister and Roberts Barrathons bride to be Lyanna. When this happened Robert Barratheon started a war to bring her back.

Fast forward to when Tywin Lannister went to the gates of Kings landing with lots and lots of men, and the mad king opened the gates to him, his men than sacked the city. This lead to Ser Gregor Clegane also known as the mountain (the hounds brother, the one who burnt the hound, and chopped off his poor horses head in season 1). to rape and murder Elia and with the help of Ser Amory Lurch killed her and her two children (but this is disputed more in book 5).

So Basically after all these years Prince Oberon who is probably the most dangerous man in Dorne, he knows much about poisons, he is excellent with his spear, (When he was young he fought a man with a poisoned spear, this caused him to die of his wounds and caused people to call him the read viper) he has more children than the former King Robert (eight bastard daughters which people call the sand snakes, but in his defence he is a good father and takes care of them) and he is rumoured to be bisexual and now has used his invitation to the royal wedding to seek revenge on his sister and niece and nephew. Which is why in the promo Tyrion did not look excited so see he has arrived.

He is also one of the most beloved and bad ass characters of the entire series, and I think the actor who plays him is awsome :D

Little chicken out.




Debate: Which is better the beach or the river.

So this has came up recently on the local radio station which is better the beach or the river? And as I have basically nothing better to do with my time, expect the casual shifts at my work place, keeping my animals cool in hot weather and making sure I myself do not suffer heat stroke, it got me thinking.

What are the Pro’s and Con’s of the river and the beach.


Beaches: Pro’s

1. Beaches have waves, while rivers do not (unless you count the rivers currant and the passing of other boats, as well as the wind). This makes sports such as surfing and boggy boarding possible.

2. There are less bugs at the beach than river, SERIOUSLY I swear there are a million mosquitoes around the river. And they can carry serious diseases like Ross River fever.

3. You can scuba dive and snorkel at the beach, and they are fun.

4. Some beaches come with life guards and if you come into trouble while swimming (as long as you are between the flags).

5. Beaches seem to have more people and more industry around it (through this could be considered a con to some people)

beach 2

Beaches Con

1.The sea water is not healthy to drink, and tastes worse than river water. Now I am not saying you should run into the river and drink all of the water, but sea water is defiantly not good for you.

2. Sun burn, you get sunburn at the river as well, but this is a con of the beaches without a doubt as people are more likely to sunbake wearing bathers on the sand than at a river where there probably no sand.

3. The sand can burn your feet! Seriously on a hot day you can almost develop burns on your feet.

 4. Many beaches come with rocks, and this can be always be dangerous if you get caught in a current you may get hurt.

5. “Going to the beach” is more seasonal and is mainly in the summer, but in comparison people go to the river to fish in the winter and the summer.

6. Sharks, jelly fish ext. anyone who has seen ‘Jaws’ knows the dangers of sharks. ANd even through apparently (I don’t know how true this is, but it is pretty funny) cows (that’s right the animals that go moo) have killed more people than sharks, it is enough to turn people off.

 uddy river

River Pro’s

1. Fishing! While people do fish at the beach they are probably more fisherman (and women) at the rivers. And (in my experience) the fish can sometimes be bigger.

2. Easier to take a cruise in a boat, rivers often come with boat ramps, and being in a boat as extra benefits as jet skiing.

3. It is normally more legal to camp around the river than the beach, you can also have a fire. (when it is not total fire ban days of course.)


River Con’s

1. The bugs!!!!! Seriously when I went camping once I place my cuppa down and when I got back there was about twelve different species of insects around it, and as I mentioned before some carry diseases.

2. Snakes and other dangerous animals are more readily found in there normal habitat.

3. Dirt and mud, anyone who goes in the river can become caked in mud which unlike sand turns hard and itchy.

4. Branches and broken bottles, even through this can still occur at the beach broken bottles and branches can occur and injure swimmers.

So even through I can go on all days about pros and cons I will leave it there, my personal pick is the BEACH because I like boggy boarding. But I will leave it up to you.

Thanks for reading.

Little chicken out.

Review of Dragonball Z: Battle of the gods.

****** Warning spoilers******

As a massive fan of Dragonball z as a child, I was recently re-introduced to the show by ‘team four stars’ Dragonball Z abridged. Which gives many glorious hours of entertainment (and answers the question I always wanted to know, ‘is Freiza a boy or a girl’ :P And what is with the ever so feminine Zarbon!).
Feminen Freiza

When the announcement of the newest Dragonball Z movie came I was so excited, I could only hope it wouldn’t of been as confusing … and disappointing as Dragonball GT. Which besides the occasional dance move and the battle of Cell and Freiza VS mini Goku… wasn’t the best thing ever produced.

Dancing in GT

Anyway on to Dragonball Z Battle of the gods, after a very long time after the movie was released we had been unable to see it (I believe since it was released in Japan and they have very strict rules it was hard to sneak a video camera into the cinema and anyway it would be in Japanese with no subtitles.) So after several months and numerous clicking on youtube where things that say Dragonball Z battle of the gods turned out to be anything but (I mean seriously guys how desperate can you be to views). I was thrilled when I got to see Dragon ball Z battle of the gods… for real this time.
First of the animation was AMAZING!!!! it was so great I can not believe how far it has came from Dragon ball. Anyway on to the actual movie.
One of the first thing we see is a giant purple cat man who struggles to get up after napping for almost four decades and only got up because Whis threatened to sing (equipped with microphone and all) and so as a result you cant help but think ‘wait THIS… is our villain?’

The giant cat man (who in my opinion resembles an ancient Egyptian god,) turns out to be Bills, the God of Destruction, and is so powerful not even our favourite sayains could even come close to defeating him. Bills, the God of Destruction is well known for destroying galaxies and after a “vision” of a super sayain god, he goes to find answers.
Bills, the God of Destruction was accompanied by his tutor, mentor and partner in discovering new and tasty foods Whis who trains gods of destructions in order to maintain the balance (yeh… the whole galaxy and balance thing can get a tad confusing but anyway.) Bills goes to a fish in a bowel (an oracle) who “apparently” told Bills that in thirty nine years he would face an enemy.
I do not want to give to much away, but the movie was quite comical and one of my favourite scenes was Vegeta singing and dancing, yes our proud sayain Prince was singing and dancing to ‘BINGO.’ (Why you ask? you will just have to watch and see….. or google it)

Other notable scenes was also an gun fighting scene with Emperor Pilaf as well as his followers, yes that name ay be ringing a bell to some he was the bad guy in Dragonball…. Anyway he is very young after making a wish on the Dragon ‘to make us young’ sadly the makers didn’t think this through as in GT (which appeared ten years or so after the final Dragon ball Z and therefore after this) he was very old… But anyway.

I can understand why some fans didn’t like it, the plot wasn’t as deep as some of the other movies (through I still have no idea why the sayain in tree of might looked like Goku’s twin, I mean seriously??) But what the plot lacks in … depth, it makes up with in humour (and Buu almost ended the world again… how you ask, by not sharing his pudding!) and despite blowing up some of King Kais planet (wait didn’t cell blow that up??) no one was really hurt and the very scary god of destruction got sent to bed for three years for almost blowing up a temple and looks forward to his next fight with our favourite sayains…
All in all if you are a fan (and if you can find it on the internet) watch it enjoy the animation and give your self some laughs.
I give it a 9/10 (I had to take a point off because of some inconsistencies)
Little Chicken out.

Hellsing the dawn: Review

I have recently discovered three episodes of Hellsing the dawn, and as an avid Hellsing fan I could not be more delighted, despite the un-dubbedness I do not mind reading subtitles, and I love seeing Walter as a young ‘kid’ but I think he is way to young to be on the front lines AND smoking :P
Regarding the length I can imagine that it would annoy some people, as the Hellsing ultimate was roughly forty five minutes long. But It doesn’t bother me as I understand how difficult producing a series can be…. as long as they continue to make more :PEpisode one was good (7/10) I loved seeing Walter in the ‘shitty yankie bomber’ and I couldn’t help thinking ‘whats in the box, whats in the box’ I loved Sir Hellsing (Intergra’s Father?) explanation of how Ghouls are made. I was happy to see our favorite werewolf mute captain as well.
Favorite quote had to be ‘parachute, parachute’ by a poor American soldier.
Episode 2
Bring on the Fatty!! I gave this episode 8/ 10 I love Walters enterance and the major did not seem to care (but he was already bordering on psychotic) but seriously who cares THAT about dinner as much as the major when a kid in a suit bursts into the hideout of the natzi’s with wires coming out of his gloves with a giant box. The Major didn’t seem to care one bit, but was quick to point out that Walter had no patience. And he did ask Walter to join him, and as everyone who watched the series knows was on of the majors main goals in Hellsing ultimate, but Walter denied him, so he was not a turncoat then. (Good boy Walter :) I had always loved you)
Episode 3
FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!, that is all they seem to do in that episode unless you count the dirty study and Arthur Hellsing had some ‘cough cough’ Lady friends over. I love Islands I have to say ‘you should be more concerned over Walter and less about yourself’
Meanwhile in Warshaw Walter is doing well against the warewolf, until he seemed to take the upper hand, the blood the two spill awaken Alucard who is in the form of a girl. Because the type of form does not matter to him.
Does anyone know if / when Hellsing the dawn 4 will be out, as I have just seen Alucard as a ‘girl’ and cant wait to see where it goes.
That is all from me
Lill Chicken out

Kitchen Nightmares review: Burger kitchen

And today on little chickens ramblings….

Kitchen Nightmares (according to you tube) season 5 episode 7 Burger kitchen.

Part 1 (the episode is in two parts, so I thought my blog would be in two parts too)

I have lately been obsessed with watching ‘Kitchen nightmares,’ I have a new appreciation of restaurants. (I have not yet worked in a kitchen as I work in retail but you never know) I had come across ‘Burger kitchen’ I was excited at first as the owner Allan has an accent just like mine, an Australian accent.  

I have not yet came across a fellow Australian in the Kitchen nightmares I had watched so far, so I tuned in to watch.

To anyone who has seen this episode I would like to say that even through a percentage Australians (like myself) are descended from convicts we are not thieves by any means. So I was disgusted when I learnt how Allan funded his restraint. To anyone who had not seen this episode I will give you a general run down.

Alan and Gen Saffron opened Burger Kitchen in 2010 which he assumed would soon become ‘the best burger in LA’ his past experience and qualification of opening a restaurant …. He had eaten in hundreds of restaurants.

Alan them goes onto tell us, instead of having meat from many different animals that he uses in his burgers he uses Australian Waju in all of his burgers, which comes frozen.

We then see the conflict of Chef David and owner Gen, Gen whom is rude and undermining of the chef.

And then Ramsay walks in he asks normal questions such as ‘how long have you been open’ they state sixteen months, when the chef asks how did it all go so wrong, Alan was quick to blame blogger, believing they were conspiring against him, sound familiar to another disaster we know, wink, wink ‘Amy’  nudge. He then goes on to ask how did they fund it, when Gen said that Alan put all of his money into it Ramsay smiled and nodded, but when Gen said they went to run out of money they went to there son….

They should have left it there…..

Alan being a dumb loud talker that loves the sound of his own voice (mate, I know you’re in America and you are probably home sick but talking all the time isn’t doing you any favours) went to say  that his Father left him some money, and his son Daniel some money. Which was put in an account that he managed, so when they started to run out of money, he TOOK TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS from his son, without his son knowing, without his sons consent.

He is a thief, a lying thief; he then says later in the episode that he has no idea why his son has all this resentment to him. (Two hundred and fifty reasons, hint hint)

I would like to stop here and apologise, not all Australians are dumb, so self-absorbed that they believe there shit is worthy of a five star review, and lying manipulative thieves.

Chef Ramsay went on to try the food, he ordered a few burgers and the Australian meat pie. The first burger was raw in the middle (and we met the sweetest server in the world) a burger with a tiny bun and then the Aussie pie came out Alan then went on to say that the Australian meat pie was a number one staple in Australia.

I would like to correct that.

Pies are common in Australia, but not considered a staple, you don’t really go out for dinner and order a pie normally it they are not on the menu (unless you go to a pub, they occasionally have them and there ARE places that have the most wonderful home cooked pies that are delicious) normally pies are a quick lunch or at a sports event, we do not have pies three times a day (most people wouldn’t have it three times a week) which is what he meant by ‘staple.’

I would like to also comment that pie he served Chef Ramsay I wouldn’t feed my dog, it was HIDIOUS. After the other awful meals were gone the chef was forced to do the walk of shame, and golly gosh did he have some stories, They does not allow him to use his own recipes, so Chef Ramsay gave him some money and said go shopping and make me a burger. While David was shopping the chef went to visit the forced owner Daniel.

We met Wendy his lovely girlfriend I love Wendy she is a strong pretty woman, but honey, the hats don’t do it for you.

Fast forward a bit, Chef David was standing there with a yummy looking burger, and Alan (surprise surprise) made a burger too,

A). it was hideous,

B) it didn’t have a bun.

And it was yuck, and Ramsay was quick to say as such, and while poor old David was standing like a statue carrying a probably very hot plate gave his burger to the chef… He made Ramsay a burger that he LOVED. But owner number two Gen was quick to criticise, she is a horrible COW, she is mean to Wendy, saying it wasn’t her business (ah yeh it is, she sees what you are doing to the man she loves num nut,) and then we find out Alan hasn’t paid his Chef yet (he is working on the sprit on being paid) news flash for you, that doesn’t pay the bills.



Now I know that isn’t the whole episode and I am sorry for that but it is this chicken’s bed time, maybe I will make a part 1: part 2.

You never know…

Little chicken out.


Back to college… or not

Well this little chicken is about to go back  to go to college/ uni/ whatever it is where my beloved readers are. This is of course if Little chicken passes her redo of the one class she failed last year.

The class had three components, an assignment, a oral/ prac exam and a written. Little chicken got 11 out of 15% for assignment a disappointing 22.5/45% for the practical and now just waiting on the written tests. This little chicken is laying lots of eggs because she needs a good grade (worth 40%)  for the written.

I am terrified, whats worse the semester begins THEN a few days later we get the results. if I fail (again,) I will be heart broken.

Anyway I will stop my rant,

Lill chicken out.