Once Upon a time was the god of death Hades a let down ??

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With season 6 of once upon a time coming up, I wanted to recap of season 5 and that say although I am a huge fan of the show I honestly believe that it has become the show of snow/Charming and Emma/ hook so last season I was thrilled to hear that my favourite Disney baddy Hades had been cast…. and then he died and like Robin is never coming back.

During the few episodes Hades had I feel that the producers of once upon a time could have done a better job in introducing Hades and other characters, there were also many plot holes especially in the back stories of some of the characters. This ends up causing many viewers to believe that the producers are running out of story lines, and not really planning tooo much ahead… I feel like that they had plenty of time in the early parts of season 5 for the story line to be set up better.

An example of this is especially with Zelena who was being locked up in a mental institute, she could of named dropped that she knew the god of death yes they did not part ways under the best of circumstances with her believing he only wanted to restart his heart so he could go to the land of the living (even though they met in the land of the living, last I checked Oz is still the land of the living). I feel that a good story line would of been that if Hades knew that Zelena was locked in a hospital and Prego’s he could of staged some form of rescue attempt. After all he did say he loved her still madly and created ‘underbrooke’ for her, so she can have everything her sister once had.


Another plot hole was not Hades but his nephew, a Nephew that Hades hates because his Brother took everything Hades wanted and stopped his heart although we are not quite sure why Hades Brother stopped Hades when it turns out Snow was friends with legendary warrior Hercules at least in her youth, handy to know right? And there is no reason to seek this boy out ever again especially when he is off to fight a huge dog with three heads named (and no it is not fluffy from Harry potter) Cerberus.

While I enjoyed the actor that played Hades (although I think the writing let him down) and seeing old characters pop up in the underworld and work towards completing there unfinished business I feel that season 5 in a whole was a bit of a let down , as the first part of season 5 involved everyone fearing the dark swan and wondering why their last 6 weeks of there memories are lost and why King Arthur (who decided to fix the underworld) and his bunch of people from camalot were transported to the USA.

Anyway what was your thoughts on Hades and Once Upon a Times season 5 in general. Personally In regards to Hades I wanted more of a badass like in the Disney movies…

Anyway fingers crossed for season 6 with more stories and more story lines.

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How soon after injury is too soon to go back to exercise?

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I start this post with a question I am sure many Gym goers, athletics, fitness fanatics and sport players, when after injury is it safe to resume exercise, without causing (heaven forbid ) more injury than before or any unnecessary pain.

Six months ago when traveling to work on a dark morning a very uncoordinated (and large) Kangaroo jumped in front of my car and I of course impacted the Kangaroo, thankfully as the area is well known for kangaroos and other wildlife I was only going 40 km an hr as it was also on a bend, the accident did not seem to affect the Kangaroo as after pushing my bonnet in so I could not even open the bonnet to check for damage he decided he didn’t want to exchange insurance information and hopped away seemly unharmed. Which I am actually really happy about, me on the other hand…

As I slammed on the brakes and hit the kangaroo I literally bounced in my seat hit my head on the top of my car and a throbbing pain began, and god did I scream thankfully I was still able to wiggle my toes so I knew I wasn’t in to much damage thankfully, a lovely lady who apparently I use to go to primary school with her children (small world I know) saw the incident while she was watering her plants and called an ambulance, anyway long story short- I prolapsed the  L4-L5 discs in my back I also have experienced hip pain  and neck pain very badly since the accident. This is a (sadly) very common injury as many people suffer lower back pain. Since then I had had the recommended physio analgesia, I use a massage seat 2 times daily which I got for xmas ext, but the advice In returning to full blown exercise is build up to it, and go at your own pace and if it hurts to much of course stop.

Pre injury I attended Gym three times a week and did one body balance class and boxing class religiously the other was just a circuit on the machines now I have done a grand total of one class since my injury a body balance class even though I am sure it would have long term benefits, even with pain relief I could barely move the next day, and it took some time for the pain to subside (even with appropriate warm up cool downs heat packs ext) this made me think that (the four month mark) was too soon…

While my back is SO much better than when I had the accident, my question is has anyone had a similar experience and if so do they have any tips, is my conservationists (because I am worried about doing more injuries) not such a good thing, is there any magical cures for a back injury that google does not know, does anyone have any tips on how to get back into exercise, any helpful exercises any advise, comments ext. would be most appreciated.

Farewell for now wordpress!

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Top 12 game of thrones houses part 2

With mere hours to go I thought I better finish my list! Rembember comments are love!

So here we go

Top 12 Game of thrones Houses part to number 6- the Golden crown of Number 1!

Number 6

House Martell

With the death of Oberyn Martell, (sob) last season house Martell spent the season in mourning.

His widow (basically) wants revenge and therefore the TV show went to Dorne and met the head of the family (Oberyn’s older Brother) as well as his ‘only’ son (seriously)I had looked forward to Dorne for a long time because unlike the rest of Westeros it is the only nation that did not bend the knee to the Targs when they first invaded and it is the first born who rules Dorne whether it is a boy or a girl.

Unlike many people I enjoyed the Sand snakes on the TV show I thought the actresses were brilliant and it makes more sense for them to try to kill Myrcella while in the books they tried to crown her in which she lost an ear but lived which didn’t really make a lot of sense. I mean the seven kingdeoms had learnt from the dance of the dragons when siblings went up against each other so I doubt that would occur again.

Out of the sand snakes I like the oldest Obara, the best as her story how Oberyn came to collect her made it clear that she hated the Lannisters for taking the man who took her in and loved her as a true born child. Tyene was confusing I would of much seen her represented as the daughter as a Septor and to be honest her relationship with Bron would have been better given to Nymeria as Tyene is in my eyes too young (if they must of given it to one of them) but I did like how it shows Tyene is still adapt with posions. I think Dorne are in trouble next season but I doubt there will be Lannister VS Martell war, in which Cersei will want. I think the TV should of not cut out Quentyn Martell and, Arianne, they set Quentyn story line up very well in the fourth season with Tywin telling Oberyn that Dany has 3 dragons honestly I could basically hear Quentyn’s bags zipping up in the distance!


In summary they lose points as,  Trystane is currently on a boat with his dead fiancé and now at the mercy of the Lannisters which was a major flaw in the  grand plan to kill a princess and I didn’t understand why Ellaria Sand, would allow that to happen unless there is an extraction plan? But in saying that in the season 6 pictures there is no Tystane so maybe he did escape as he is on a DORNISH ship, but they will have to answer for the crimes even with a lack of Cersei power.

They score at 6 as no one is in prison (yet) no one was killed this season (including bastards) and I believe we will be seeing a strong Dorne next season, I don’t know in what context as there is no young Griff (ill count him) or Princess in the tower, but we will see. House Martell is basically the only place in Westeros where winter is not comming, and therefore safe from white walkers. They are not broke (or going broke) like the lannisters and if Cersei does bring war to Dorne it will bankrupt (more so) the crown.

Therefore they earn there place strongly at number 6.

Number 5 House Greyjoy

we do


After Seasons of captivity and stockhome syndrome Theon Greyjoy has escaped Ramsay Bolton, and in an attempt to protect Sansa killed Boltons Misttress/ Parnter and jumped off the walls of Winterfield with Sansa Stark. Reek has become Theon once more, the trailer shows they have survived the fall and are fleeing the Boltons, Sansa is shown to be safe and warm but what of Theon, he is hated in the North as Theon turncoat but I think once Rickon and Bran (maybe) is shown to be safe they may trade him to iron islands which is is rumoured for him to go to, I think this may be the end for Theon who isn’t really liked anywhere ,even with his own people his Uncle (or even Dad) may take off his head so this might be the end of him. Personally I hope the keep him around and I am hoping to see Theon’s mum and my favourite uncle of Asha/Yarra the Lord of the ten towers the reader but I doubt it. For now I am just enjoying that Theon may get some vengeance on the man who killed his best friend and the man who well- unmanned him.

His Father King Balon is still King of the Iron Island, and is still alive despite dying three books ago, he seems to be still in some form of health although he hasn’t changed his clothes in three seasons. I do doubt he will survive season 6. It is my heartfelt belief that this man to be the worst dad in Westeros so I will not mourn him as he falls off a bridge which is heavily rumoured as it was glimpsed in the trailer as a actor (maybe Euron) removing his hood on a dark and rainy windy night… so you know a nice night on the iron islands.


His Sister who was last seen doing the world’s worst rescue in season 4 has been seen in previews kissing a girl and then waiting with a small force looking quite concerned but I think she knows she is in big trouble because… of her uncle Euron, the previously banishened / exiled uncle has returned…


because next season we are getting EURON!!! I am wondering where the show will go with this, will they do the greyjoy /Targarian wedding attempt will Euron meet his niece and nephew will he kill Theon (as he is rumoured to be going home) as he is ‘no longer a man’ will he wed his neice will he marry his niece off, will he get blue lips will he wear a patch will we get a kingsmoot?

images (11)

Safe to say the earn there spot in 5th place, as Theon grew some balls (sorry I know it’s a bad joke) Yarra gets some action Euron graces the screen and Balon dies.


Number 4 House Bolton


They are on top of the world as they just defeated Stannis ‘the fake king’ so I believe Ramsay will return to the castle very pleased until he realised Sansa and Reek/ Theon is gone and his mistress is dead, I think this is a big blow.

This is one of the main things they loose points for the disepearance of Sansa and Reek is a hudge blow for them, as their ‘back stabbing nature’ has been discovered by house Lannister and they have  Lost  the title of warden of the north to Baelish. It may not seen much but it may be enough for the Lords of the North to rally against the feared Boltons which I believe this will happen as the north remembers.

But if all of this bad things are going to happen how did they get number 4 you may ask, remember they still have Winterfield they have food and wood for a winter, they have loyal (although terrified) men they have horses they have just killed (well technically Brianne) a King  and the House of Bolton may have a new lord as his ‘fat young wife’ is pregnant, this may be a happy occasion but as I believe Ramsay may kill his step mum and Roose doesn’t want boy lords. So safe to say at the moment they are number 4 even though they have just won a major battle as they will be in BIG trouble next season

Number 3 House Frey

WHAT how did they get the bronze crown we haven’t seen them in three seasons !
But with several characters missing in the TV show, the most important including of course lady stone heart who murdered all the Freys (or even kinda related to the Freys) she could find, the ghost of winterfield (rumoured to be the black fish) Lord too fat to ride a horse who was rumored to at the Bolton wedding  kill three freys and cook them into huge pies which he had served at the ramsay and fake arya wedding, (this rumour is basically confirmed that is another huge tick for house frey the TV show has cut this out, which is a big plus for the Freys.

So if house greyjoy has taught us anything the house that doesn’t appear (or appears very little) lives to fight another day.

I should say that as we HAVE seen freys in season 5 the most notable Frey we have seen this season includes one of Walder Freys granddaughters Walda who has married (thanks to her size and the amount of silver her hubby has gotten) the warden of the north and is pregnant with a baby, something young Walda seems happy with (lets see how long that lasts) but I believe that (sadly) her step son may kill her.

In addition it seems that Lord Frey is coming back into season 6 as the actor who plays Walder Frey has been spotted on set, I very much doubt house Frey will place number 3 next season as the north remembers. Lord Frey is also basically wins the most hated person in westeros. He is has made a huge impression with viewers as the Lord of the crossing has 3 episodes in almost 50 and yet he is one of the most hated people on the series. So I think it is fair to say that the probably hundred year old will die… soon.

I expect to see more Freys as the seize of Riverrun may occur so we may meet Jamie’s aunt and uncle and his cousins (freys) as well as (HOPEFULLY) lady stone heart, although it is rumoured that Sansa will be killing the Freys. Ever way I am happy.


So in conclusion, the Frey’s rule the river lands, by all accounts they still have poor Edumure Tully in a dungeon there close kin is the wife of the Warden of the North (someone thing that was promised to them, not queen but ah they still have the North) no one has been hung or turned into a pies, so they earn their (today) place at Number 3.

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Number 2 House Arryn

images (12)

Despite losing his mum last season Robin is adapting well, he seems strong and why he may fail at sword play he is well protected by his (maybe less than emphatic) banner man Lord Royce, and if there is one thing the Vale care about Is there honour if something happened to there boy Lord it would shame them for a thousand years, and possible cause another war.

The boy Lords Uncle/ step Father/ maybe actual Father if you believe the rumours (personally I do) peter is good at protecting his interest and at the moment that includes very much the young Lord of the vale. He has returned to the vale to rally the knights so we may see the former Mummas boy next season as the Lords of the Vale are off to the North, I am interested to see what Robin does when he finds out that Sansa is married to Ramsay (remember she was promised to him and they were planning to throw people from the moon door.) if we do see Robin away from his precious Vale it will be interesting.

I believe he earns his second place as the Vale is ready for the winter, remember it stayed out of the war of the 5 kings so it was able to harvest its crops unlike so many of the other kingdoms, he is well protected by loyal Lords and is next in line for Riverrun even though the Freys do currently have it, but don’t let that upset you, (as everyone knows he is still alive and Uncle Edumure has no kids) I do hope Robin grows up as he seems to be less sickly in the books, I think he MAY survive next season as I can’t see Little finger letting anything happen to him.

images (26)


Number 1 House BAELISH


Petyr Baelish also known as little finger is Lord of Harrenhal, Lord Paramount of the

Trident, and Lord Protector of the Vale, and now even Warden of the North. He has come a long way since being a poor lord with no money a small title, and very little lands.

This Man has pulled everyones strings, had sex with his foster sister, impregnated  her, convinced her husband to let him in the same building as her, (all while being in love with her sister) he then betrayed the starks, killed a king, married a rich widow, made out with his niece, killed his wife, blamed it on suicide, became BFF’s with the people who wanted to kill him, arranged a marriage to Sansa to a Bolton escorted Sansa to marry the Boltons who were BFFs with the Lannisters and now convinced the Lannisters to name him Warden of the North. Even if it is only on paper, he is back north with the lords of the vale (maybe even his step son) to retake the north for the Lannisters.


To be honest I don’t know what he wants there are rumours that he is going to be husband number 3 for Sansa, and as we all know his obsession with Sansas Mum it is a safe bet.
Safe to say this guy is still alive (although he has no immediate family) and although the Faith destroyed his Brothel business and cost him a lot of coins, he still a Lord has knights of the vale, his castles will continue to make money for him and he believes Stannis will kill the Boltons anyway or the North will kill the Boltons so no matter who wins HE will win.

He is a shady crafty guy who in the end I believe will have a sticky end causing his line to be extinct but for now he wins this list. And I look forward to his story line next season, especially is Sansa ever discover he betrayed poor old dead Ned.

images (28)

Neither the less I feel he has earnt the golden crown because once house bailish had very little lands no gold and no titles now they have quite a lot of each, in a season where most have fallen he has risen higher than anyone else this season by getting the hell out of dodge when the Faith came to town and convincing the power hungry Lannisters to make him the warden of the North and earns his place at number one.

images (27).jpg

So what did you think let me know!



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Top 12 houses of Game of thrones!!

images (2)

Season 5 is a distant memory and with season 6 coming up there are many surprises in store. There are people who are alive in the books are very dead and people who should of died books ago are still alive. Also we are almost out of book material, so I thought I would do a ranking list of the MAIN great houses according to the show but with spoilers from the books too.
It is worth noting that with the changes from the book to the show it can make it hard make an accurate list, but I will try my best. If you have not watched the TV show please be weary of spoilers.

So this list will cover the ranking of season 5 of which of the main great houses did the best this season, so I am looking at how they look for next season, how many members are still alive, how many died in season 5 and other key factors so here is the Great houses Ranking which includes the Starks, Baratheon, Tully’s, Arryns, Greyjoys, Lannisters, Martells and the Tyrells. As well as the former Kings and Queens of Westeros house Targaryn. I will also include the new great houses Bolton current wardens of the North (sort of), Frey (even though they have done very little in the last 2 seasons) and as well as Baelish.

This is just my list from number 12 who is the worst position in the TV series and who gets the number 1 spot. Also when I was finalising this the new trailer was released so I added bits and pieces, but did not change my order, which is why they may seem odd to others.

Also disclaimer I took the photos from the internet so no sueing

So at Number 12 (doing the worst) House Baratheon.

It is worth noting that this includes the ACTUAL house Baratheon not the people claiming to be Baratheons but we will get to them later.
The Baratheons have been doing badly the last few seasons In the first season Robert got killed back in by wine and a bore.
In the second season while his siblings fought over who was to become king the older remaining Brother (Stannis) killed his younger Brother Renly by getting a witch to create a shadow baby and stab him through the heart. So since the second season only the middle child Stannis and his Daughter remain. Although it is worth noting Robert had many bastards.
The ninth episode is traditionally known as the ‘big’ one and this year did not disappoint, earlier in the season Stannis Baratheon made a name for himself as ‘Westeros best Dad’ when he told a bored Princess Shireen how she became infected with Greyscale (by buying her a doll) and how people told him to send her across the world to the stone men he refused and got every healer to come and they did they were able to save her life.
With Stannis trying to recapture Winterfield from the Boltons he was told by the red women to burn his own daughter for ‘kings blood’ you may remember this happening before but with Gendry (one of Robert bastards) and only leeches were used. While at first Stannis told her to leave, after the Boltons destroyed there food supply’s he was left with ‘no choice.’ This devastates Shireens Mother and breaks Stannis armys heart. After Shireen was burnt half of Stannis army fled and Stannis discovers his wife committed suicide, Stannis still continued to fight the Boltons only to be killed by Breienne of Tarth who loved Stannis younger brother Renly.
The surviving members of this family includes only Robertds Bastards which is at the moment Gendry Edric Storm (not in TV show) and Myra Stone (Not in TV show).
With all the members of house official Baratheon dead besides those who married into the house (EG Cersei) and those who are not Baratheons at all this. has given house Bartheon basically an extinct status and therefore they get the wooden spoon at number 12.



Number 11 House Tully

The Tullys have slowly but surly began loosing members in season 3 with the Lord of Riverrun Hoster Tully dyeing early in season 3 (and is one of the only characters to die of natural causes).
Then at episode 9 of season 3 the red wedding occurred (in which House tully lost points for just going through with it because it was edumures wedding, and seriously do we need the star wars guy to yell ‘It’s a trap’ it was oblivious Lord Frey was pissed) in which Cat Stark/ Tully, a large amount of there army, The King of the North Robb Stark (also has Tully blood) his Queen and her unborn child were viciously murdered. There current lord who in the end happily married a preety frey girl became kidnapped and held hostage. The only member of the Tully Family to escape the Twins was Hoster Tully younger brother the black fish who did escape but was never heard from since.
in season 4 Lysa Arryn/ Tully was murdered. So the only active member of the Tully Family is the Blackfish who has not been seen since he pissed on a tree in season 3.
The reason they have scored so low on this list is simply because there is no lady Stone heart (I am a hudge Lady stone heart fan) no seize of river run and to be honest not enough Black fish in the TV show so there for It is hard to rank a house who has not appeared for seasons. But I do hope the show decide to do it in season 6 I have heard rumours, but there has been Lady stone heart rumours for 3 seasons. (Although the trailor of season 6 showed the house of black and white with several Tully faces present)


So I give them the ranking of 11 as at the moment there land has been taken (at least on paper anyway), there lord is a prisoner (and a bit of an idoit anyway), many members of the Family are dead and the one free Tully male may have a bladder issue.

wVCglLodoesnt matter

Number 10 House Targarien
You may be asking why is house Targaryen ranking so low? There are DRAGONS!
Well this season there only 2 Targaryen left on the TV show First there is master Aemon healer and counsellor of the nights watch he is a blind man who is one hundred and two years old. And Daenerys Targarien the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea.

Aemon is a favourite character of mind I love how he supports Sam and Jon and how he still thinks about his family (for example egg I dreamed I was old, and a Targaryen alone in the world is a horrible thing cue Jon Snow walking in :P) and on the show this season his achievements include not allowing the acting Lord commander to kill Jon Snow and then later on electing Jon to Lord commander, and the down point includes his sad death of natural causes. This in my mind is a huge blow to house Targ as he was the last Targ standing in westeros. Which is one of the reasons they scored so low.

But the only remaining member of house Targ on the show, (okay maybe there is 2 more but it has not been revealed about Jon snow and we only saw the three eye raven for a second back to seasons ago but I am exited to see him on the show)

images (1)

Daenerys Targarien has currently does not have Dragons. She currently she has A Dragon Drogon (but yes it is still better than no Dragons) but this Dragon needs a nap and will be indisposed for some time. Her new husband to be Loraq, was murdered in Meereen where the sons of the harpy attempted to kill her and her warrirors and then she was rescued by Drogon and is currently half a world away from Merreen where cilvil war may destroy it while she is gone. She is alone with no army, and in the last Targ scene it shows is at the mercy of a huge khalasar surrounded by them and let us remember they are not the typically the most friendly of people. And the commander of this khalasar is Khal Jhaqo. The new Khal and Dany not have a good relationship. In the series of screen shots for season 6 it shows her being bound before seeing the new Khal and her and the new Khal have bad blood. When she was in the desert she sent out riders and this Khal sent there heads back in horse bags. So she is in big trouble at the moment. It was seen on the brand new trailor that she was forced to WALK to the scared city of the horse lords and she is filthy.

But those should just remember the Targ words are fire and blood!! SO I believe she will burn down there city with Drogon and walk away unfaised. and then reunite with her loyal followers, but she is down this list as she only has one dragon and viserion one is my fav and his been locked up for a bit now.

But in saying that I believe she will be reunited with her Dragon children Viserion, and Rhaegal and her council in Meereen at some point and I believe she will be okay as Dragon will rescue her. And maybe even travel to her birth place next season.
The Targs also lost points in my eyes for not having Griff/ young Griff on the show.
Number 9
What only 9 ? But no one in the family has died this season! So how come they rank so low on this list!
Well this seasons Tyrell achievements include margorie became Queen… again. And Lord Mace being sent overseas to deal with the iron bank and discovering that Lord Mace has a desire to become an oprah singer.

The reason they scored so low is that Loras Tyrell has been imprisoned by the Faith longer than anyone he has been forced to confess the crime of being a homosexual (yes I know BIG crime) and perhaps even having a relationship with Renly Baratheon. And at his hearing to determine if they was cause for a trial his Sister Queen Marjory falsey testified and got her self arrested and still currently lockedin a dingy cell at the mercy of the shame nun. Their Dad is away in Bravos and there Nan was unable to bail them out of prison despite threatening starving the city and war, in which the high sparrow hinting at starting a peasant uprising.
And lets not forget Nan Tryell killed Joffery and Marjory knows so what if she confessed that in her torture.
While no Tryells have died it stands to reason that they are big trouble next season 2 trials the possibly of Mace not getting back to his Family and maybe even a 3rd trial for the queen of thrones. They score lowely at 9.
But they make it in the single digits and beat the Dragons as I believe they will get out of prison in season 6. So maybe next season they will rank much better.
I believe they will make an alliance with the Lannisters to try to get rid of the Faith, but if the high sparrow has his way the small foke will rise up in rebellion.


Number 8

House Lannister,
One member publically shamed and then her daughter was murdered infront of her Uncle-Dad, one attempting to rule in a war torn Meereen, one only has one hand and his Daughter just died in front of them, one helped disgrace his love intrest/cousin and abounded his family and another very possible death very early in season 6.
Believe it or not the Lannisters are not doing well, at the Start of the season they mourned the death of Lord Tywin (major blow to them) who was murdered by his own son (again major blow to them) and then at Tywins funeral it was shown that one member of the family Lansel (first cousin to Jamie and Cersei) has abandoned his family and is now serving the high sparrow and then it was later revealed he helped them take down Cersi leading to her captivity and now was forced to do a walk of shame to get her out of her captivity and back to her son.

Tyrion is in charge of a city on the brink of war the brand new trailor shows him in a cave so I believe with no other option he will release the two imprisoned dragons, he is in danger he is forgeiner trying to control an ancient city so the locals wont like that. I am curious if he mentions his wife (or former wife) in the next season
Jamie Lannister Lord commander of the Kings Guard went to rescue his Daughter from Oberyns Martells pissed off girl friend and only to have her die in his arms after having a tender family moment together.

Keaven Lannister is now out of sons and heirs (they were murdered by Karstarks in season 3 and Lancel has removed his family name.) and I believe that he and grand master Pyrcelle will die in season 6, probably early on.

And also they are becoming very quickly broke there last mine dried up 3 years ago and they owe a LOT of money to the iron bank.
They do beat the Tyrells in my eyes as Cersei is freed from captivity and has the undead mountain to fight for her in her trial by combat against the Faith. I believe Cersei will beat the Faith in her trial but is in for a rough season especially when she discovers the Death of her daughter. They are theories that she will try to burn Kings landing to the ground as there are wildfire around the city (possibly from the mad king day) but I look forwards to seeing her try to recover from her shame.

Number 7
House Stark
You may be wondering What the hell how did they beat the Lannisters, but I remind you that I believe that house Stark are well set up for next season and it is going to be a Stark dominated (or maybe even Stark- TARGARIEN) season 6.
Currently (and yes I will count him) the Bastard (maybe) of house stark Jon Lord commander was just murdered by his Brothers of the nights watch with all the theories out there I wont go into to much depth (I may even do my own post focused mainly on him) but no I don’t believe he will stay dead I think he will be bought back.

Sansa- Stark- Lannister got to go back home to winterfield and become lady of Winterfield but to do this she had to marry the son of the man who killed her brother the psycho path Ramsay Bolton/ Snow and because Sansa- Stark- Lannister – Bolton but was raped badly by the evil Ramsay, but she escaped by jumping of the wall of winterfield with Theon Greyjoy, according to the pictures of season 6 she will survive the fall and is seen walking. There are rumours she is pregnant and if she is that is not fantastic considering she is currently homeless and in the snow. Although in the brand new trailor she was shown in furs and looking very pretty but at this moment I think she is in trouble but I believe she will have a better season 6 than previous.


Arya is in Bravvos and got to cross someone off her list but is now currently blind, pictures show her begging in the street blind. I don’t believe she will stay blind and I don’t believe they kicked her out I think she is there for a reason. And is in for a important season 6. with being in the hall of faces which is heavily advertised in the trailors.

Bran is currently in a tree training to be the Yoda of the wargs in Westeros he was missing in season 5 but will return this season with the three eye raven the pictures show him STANDING and I believe it is in some sort of vision, I am pleased to see Bran back and hopefully maybe even Rickon in the next season.


And uncle Benjun- well I have of kind of given up on him I doubt he will return this season but I hope George Martin hasn’t forgotten about him! And we get some closure about what happened to this man.
On a side note the first trailer showed the house of the undying and many ‘faces’ including several starks I hope that we will see some of our dead and undead characters faces on others.
I believe this will be an important season for the Starks they have been ‘down and out’ for many seasons but the north remembers! And they are going to end up on top because Winter is coming and Fire and blood is here 😀



Okay there is part 1 what do you think did I do a good list? Where would YOU of put the houses on the list (hopefully there will be no arguments)
I look forward to posting part 2 soon

Lill chicken out


Hello fellow bloggers!
After a long break I am please to say I am back to blogging and more exited as ever, I can not believe my last post was on Game of thrones about season 4! I feels like a life time ago.
And since then I have had so many life changes, and I look forward to blogging more regually. I will be focusing on reviews and predictions such as I will be shortly posting a prediction about star wards on who I believe Supreme Leader Snoke is. And then I intend to do a review on Game of thrones Season 5 about what great families succeeded this year and who failed (or died out).

So U will see you all soon.

Little Chicken out,

Game of thrones season 4: Who is this guy? Prince Oberyn Martell: Explained!

Now with the 15 minute awesome teaser of the series four of game of thrones, which contained lots of awesome music, fights, Dragons, and a particular wedding and did I mention dragons? A lot of people have been asking who this guy who keeps popping up is. And why is he after the Lannisters?


Okay, to answer this Question we have to go back a fair bit.

First of he Is Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne, (also known as the red viper) you may remember all the way back in season two Cersi and Tyrion arguing about sending Cersi’s little girl Myrcella to the Martells because they ‘loath’ us. Basically because of Stannis they had to find a safe home for her, and so they organised for her to be send to Dorne to live with the Martells and one day marry the current ruler of Dorne (Oberyn’s older brother) son Tysone. This was obliviously not a good idea from Cersi’s POV because they hate them so much.

But why? You may be asking WHY does the Martells hate the Lannisters?

Back when the Targerians ruled the seven Kingdoms the Mad king had two sons, Rhaegar and Viserys. (The guy who got gold melted on his head in series one. )

Because Daenerys was not yet born and Targaryen’s normally marry brother to sister, this meant someone else was to marry Prince Rhaegar, and the lucky lady was Elia Martell of Dorne.

Elias Martell was the younger sister of Oberon (this guy) and Doran (the current ruling prince of Dorne.For anyone getting confused Dorne has no Kings and Queens just Prince and Princess.)

Elia had two children with Prince Rhaegar a girl Rhaenys and a boy Aegon.

If anyone is wondering why the name Rhaegar is ringing bells in your head, he is the guy who kidnapped (or ran away with) Eddard (Ned) Starks sister and Roberts Barrathons bride to be Lyanna. When this happened Robert Barratheon started a war to bring her back.

Fast forward to when Tywin Lannister went to the gates of Kings landing with lots and lots of men, and the mad king opened the gates to him, his men than sacked the city. This lead to Ser Gregor Clegane also known as the mountain (the hounds brother, the one who burnt the hound, and chopped off his poor horses head in season 1). to rape and murder Elia and with the help of Ser Amory Lurch killed her and her two children (but this is disputed more in book 5).

So Basically after all these years Prince Oberon who is probably the most dangerous man in Dorne, he knows much about poisons, he is excellent with his spear, (When he was young he fought a man with a poisoned spear, this caused him to die of his wounds and caused people to call him the read viper) he has more children than the former King Robert (eight bastard daughters which people call the sand snakes, but in his defence he is a good father and takes care of them) and he is rumoured to be bisexual and now has used his invitation to the royal wedding to seek revenge on his sister and niece and nephew. Which is why in the promo Tyrion did not look excited so see he has arrived.

He is also one of the most beloved and bad ass characters of the entire series, and I think the actor who plays him is awsome 😀

Little chicken out.




Debate: Which is better the beach or the river.

So this has came up recently on the local radio station which is better the beach or the river? And as I have basically nothing better to do with my time, expect the casual shifts at my work place, keeping my animals cool in hot weather and making sure I myself do not suffer heat stroke, it got me thinking.

What are the Pro’s and Con’s of the river and the beach.


Beaches: Pro’s

1. Beaches have waves, while rivers do not (unless you count the rivers currant and the passing of other boats, as well as the wind). This makes sports such as surfing and boggy boarding possible.

2. There are less bugs at the beach than river, SERIOUSLY I swear there are a million mosquitoes around the river. And they can carry serious diseases like Ross River fever.

3. You can scuba dive and snorkel at the beach, and they are fun.

4. Some beaches come with life guards and if you come into trouble while swimming (as long as you are between the flags).

5. Beaches seem to have more people and more industry around it (through this could be considered a con to some people)

beach 2

Beaches Con

1.The sea water is not healthy to drink, and tastes worse than river water. Now I am not saying you should run into the river and drink all of the water, but sea water is defiantly not good for you.

2. Sun burn, you get sunburn at the river as well, but this is a con of the beaches without a doubt as people are more likely to sunbake wearing bathers on the sand than at a river where there probably no sand.

3. The sand can burn your feet! Seriously on a hot day you can almost develop burns on your feet.

 4. Many beaches come with rocks, and this can be always be dangerous if you get caught in a current you may get hurt.

5. “Going to the beach” is more seasonal and is mainly in the summer, but in comparison people go to the river to fish in the winter and the summer.

6. Sharks, jelly fish ext. anyone who has seen ‘Jaws’ knows the dangers of sharks. ANd even through apparently (I don’t know how true this is, but it is pretty funny) cows (that’s right the animals that go moo) have killed more people than sharks, it is enough to turn people off.

 uddy river

River Pro’s

1. Fishing! While people do fish at the beach they are probably more fisherman (and women) at the rivers. And (in my experience) the fish can sometimes be bigger.

2. Easier to take a cruise in a boat, rivers often come with boat ramps, and being in a boat as extra benefits as jet skiing.

3. It is normally more legal to camp around the river than the beach, you can also have a fire. (when it is not total fire ban days of course.)


River Con’s

1. The bugs!!!!! Seriously when I went camping once I place my cuppa down and when I got back there was about twelve different species of insects around it, and as I mentioned before some carry diseases.

2. Snakes and other dangerous animals are more readily found in there normal habitat.

3. Dirt and mud, anyone who goes in the river can become caked in mud which unlike sand turns hard and itchy.

4. Branches and broken bottles, even through this can still occur at the beach broken bottles and branches can occur and injure swimmers.

So even through I can go on all days about pros and cons I will leave it there, my personal pick is the BEACH because I like boggy boarding. But I will leave it up to you.

Thanks for reading.

Little chicken out.